One Point

Laura Bowler

  • Duration

    17 mins

  • Number of performers


  • First performance

    5 February 2018, RNCM, Manchester

  • Commissioned by
    Henrik Larsen


One point is a collaboration between percussionist, Henrik Knarborg Larsen, and British composer, Laura Bowler. This new 20 minute chamber percussion concerto draws it’s central ideas from Henrik’s research into the application of Kí Aikido practice to his practice as a Percussionist. This work aims to magnify the implications of this research physically and musically through an overtly physical work enhanced through the use of video and vocal amplification. The work seamlessly incorporates the physical movement from Henrik’s Aikido practice into the musical language for the work. His set up is purposely written to magnify these elements, with an Aluphone placed centrally between two orchestral bass drums and gongs; these opposing instruments are then used as a way to choreograph the movement of Aikido into the musical material that moves from one side to the other.

One point
is a highly physical and visceral work, delivered through the mixed media of live musical and physical performance, pre-recorded video and tape part. The concerto will juxtapose the incredibly intimate and vulnerable in the minutia of sound and gesture through to the explosive and violent of the overtly theatrical gesture.

Full scoring:

Percussion solo (aluphone) with 5-piece percussion ensemble with video and fixed electronics

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