Me and 4 Ponys

Laurence Osborn

  • Duration

    15 mins

  • Year of composition


  • Number of performers


  • First performance

    Ensemble 360, Emmanuel Church, Barnsley

  • Commissioned by
    Royal Philharmonic Society for Music in the Round Festival


Me and 4 Ponys is about drawings by children. I love drawings by children because they are completely unconcerned with consequence or correction. The first mark on paper is always part of the final piece. Each line is fearlessly drawn. Form, scale, and subject change constantly throughout the creative process, at the whim and intuition of the artist. The results are always endearing and grotesque in equal measure. Me and 4 Ponys wasn’t made in this way - I rewrote and scrapped a lot of music while writing it. But it musicalises aspects of children’s drawings - hard, wax-crayon-like textures, and big, unannounced gestures like handprints or blobs of paint. There’s a jig-like pulse that persists throughout the piece, which is why the title refers to ponies.

Full Scoring:


Violin I
Violin II

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