Interdimensional Cable

Laurence Osborn

  • Duration

    5 mins

  • Year of composition


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  • First performance

    Nonclassical Orchestra, Nonclassical: Rise of the Machines #2, Village Underground

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The first ever Concerto for Drum Machine & Orchestra, made up of five different parts, each written by a different composer.

Laurence on the work: "When Nonclassical commissioned me, I was attracted to the idea of recycling and exploring a set of sounds with such a rich and varied cultural history... I ended up writing five different introductions with the initial intention of choosing between them. Once I had written them all out, I had the idea of jamming them together and transitioning back and forth between them in a completely brutal, inelegant way. This made me think of the ‘Interdimensional Cable’ episodes of Rick and Morty, in which the characters sit on the sofa and channel-surf between surreal television shows from parallel universes. That’s why the movement is called Interdimensional Cable."

Full Scoring:





Drum Machine

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