Essential Relaxing Classical Hits

Laurence Osborn

  • Duration

    45 mins

  • Year of composition


  • Number of performers


  • First performance

    Ensemble Klang & Agata Zubel, November Music Festival

  • Commissioned by

    Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and November Music Festival


Essential Relaxing Classical Hits is a piece about the destruction of the self in the twenty-first-century. We live in a world in which our selves are constantly manipulated, commodified and sold. Corporations mine our personalities and preferences, turning our selves into profit; we are kept in a state of constant anxiety and envy, coerced into dogmatic cycles of self-assessment and self-optimization. Jia Tolentino has described the self as ‘capitalism’s last natural resource’, and like all natural resources, the self is a precious, finite thing.

Essential Relaxing Classical Hits is written in three ‘volumes’, which can be performed as a set (from Vol. 1 to Vol. 3), or independently.

Full Scoring:


Saxophones x2 (Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone)
Trombone doubling Alto Trombone
Piano doubling Keyboard, Toy Piano
Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar

Laurence Osborn - Essential Relaxing Classical Hits - overview and lyrics

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Laurence Osborn - Essential Relaxing Classical Hits - lyrics

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